A Absorption Unit

"Those Peacekeepers need assistance, agent!"
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Absorption Units are devices scattered around Pacific City. They are used to destroy freak layers after activating the units. The Agent is required to activate in order to gain progress in Crackdown 2, and to view the ending of the game. Cell terrorists have taken over the sites of all 27 Absorption Units in the city and deactivated them. The devices are essential for Project Sunburst: they collect solar energy and transmit it to the Beacons, which in turn use it to eradicate Freaks. Clusters of three Units each are used to charge a single Beacon.


Absorbtion Units are not as heavily fortified as Cell Tactical Locations, and so facing a large enemy force when trying to capture one is not normally an issue.

However the majority of Absorbtion Units are located at higher altitude in the game world and will require some work in reaching them. High Agility level Agents, and Agents in helicopters would make the process easier.

Also some Absorbtion Units are located adjacent to Cell Tactical Locations, and this will pose the problem of being fired upon be respawning Cell forces.