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The Agency is an international peacekeeping organization that serves as the protagonist faction in the Crackdown series. Enhanced with the latest technological advancements, they play a key role in the Agents involvement as well as providing support in the form of vehicles, weaponry and manpower.


The Agency was formed in the early 1940s as a counter-intelligence organisation during World War 2.


The Agency is supposedly the culmination of every law enforcement agency in the world, in response to growing concerns with the rise of global crime rates. As a result, they began developing effective countermeasures and would put them to the test after taking over Pacific City; the central island, formally a bustling hotel, became their gruelling headquarters.

They invited three of the worst criminal overlords to this bustling floating metropolis and gave each an individual island to cast their territory over. With three gangs let loose within the city, the Agency released the Agents; Their objective, to rid the city of crime. Created using the disgraced work of Dr. Balthazar Czernenko, The Agents became The Agency's final, desperate attempt to win back Pacific City.

Ending (Spoilers)[]

Once all the gangs of Pacific City are defeated, the director officially congratulates you for your efforts. He then reveals that the Agency supplied Los Muertos, turned a blind eye to the Volk's illicit activities and were Shai-Gen's top supporter. He then reveals his plans of world domination through a New World Order, proclaiming that Pacific City was only the beginning.

Crackdown 2[]

Ten years later, after the first generation of Agents finally extinguished all criminal elements in the city. Their actions, however, led directly to the release of the dangerous Freak Virus, a man-made plague designed to transform anyone infected into a deadly mutant. Unchained from their former corporate handlers, minor outbreaks of the virus quickly turned into a city-wide pandemic, causing panic and disarray amongst the uninfected, and the first generation Agents weren't enough to stop the initial outbreak.

In response, Catalina Thorne convinced the common people to rally against the Agency, claiming that they were the ones who started the pandemic, forming the Cell; Gathering what remained of the former gangs' weapons, vehicles and members. Thorne was unable to anticipate her faction growing from initial peaceful protests into a terrorist cell, something she did not have in mind. With their size and zealous energy, they drove the Agency back into The Keep.

Left with few options, the Agency were forced back to the drawing board. The plan was announced: conceive a new generation of Agents; Trained to counter both the rising insurgency and the virus. This new breed would serve as the new frontier for the Agency to reclaim the city from the Freaks and the Cell, at all costs.

Soon after, Catalina unleashed the "Freak" virus into the populace of Pacific City, turning the infected into mindless mutated monstrosities that kill anything they find. With no agents to combat them, the Agency and the city were left helpless as criminals also began to resurface in the absence of the agents and the weakness of the Agency. While the people were weaker and more desperate than ever, Catalina rallied their support, claiming the Agency has a cure for the virus but is keeping it secret. Desperate for hope, they formed the "Cell", a terrorist group devoted to destroying the Agency and making them give up the cure.

That's when the Agency unveiled Project Sunburst, in which a large bomb of direct sunlight is planted and detonated inside "Freak" lairs. The light is perfectly harmless to normal people, but the sunlight burns and destroys the Freaks. These bombs are dependent on generators to gather sunlight. Upon hearing of these generators and Project Sunburst, the Cell took over and stole the generators. The Agent must reactivate all of the absorption units, three per beacon for a total of twenty-seven. The Agent must visit each freak lair, summon air support with the beacon, and defend it against the freaks until it detonates.


During the final few beacons, Catalina Thorne hacks into the Agent's comm system and pleads with him to cease the beacon re-activations, but eventually is silenced by the Voice of the Agency. After the last beacon is detonated, the Agent must return to the Tower and activate the final beacon: the Tower itself. During the process, ex-agents turned into freaks, which were kept for research, break free and attack the three cores which must be defended by the Agent. After the beacon charges, Catalina herself attacks in a stolen and repainted Agency helicopter, firing at the core.

Ordered to stop her, the Agent, though damaged and bruised, leaps from the tower, firing at the helicopter as he falls. Catalina turns the helicopter when it is fired upon, causing the agent to hit the rotor blades rather than the cockpit. He is torn apart, sacrificing himself, succeeds in stopping Thorne. His hand lands in the helicopter as Thorne spins out of control away from the tower. The beacon fires and kills all remaining freaks in Pacific City, with the Voice of the Agency admitting he feels sorry for anyone who tries to stand in the Agency's way now. After the credits, a short video shows Thorne performing research, with the hand of the Agent in a test tube on the table in front of her.

The Truth (Spoilers)[]

It is not necessarily the true story in the game. Audio Log collectibles found in the game give a different story, One can be found known as: Whistleblower a High ranked peacekeeper who has had enough of the Agency explains and paints the Agency as evil and manipulating, having engaged in a multi-step program to once again give the public a reason to accept unconditional control by their forces and cover up their own involvement in the events of the first game. This alternate story matches the twist at the end of the first Crackdown game.

Prior to the events of the game, the Agency, after taking control of Pacific City after the events of Crackdown, invites a group of Pacific City journalists and Agency whistleblowers to a press conference and destroys it, blaming it on terrorists. Thorne, a doctor who actually wants to help the Pacific City populace, attempts to open a clinic to give free medical care to the homeless, but "freaks" left over from a Pacific City supergang (funded by the Agency, as revealed in Crackdown) invade the clinic and kill almost everyone; the Agency blames this on wild animals. Following this incident, Thorne attempts to lead protests against the Agency and call for an antidote to the freak virus, leading the Agency to blame Thorne for creating the freaks in the first place by infecting the homeless she claimed to treat at her clinic.

The Agency then walls off the infected area of Pacific City and secretly creates an antidote, but only uses it on their own agents; as a side effect, the agents lose their superhuman abilities, which the Agency again blames on Thorne. They then send undercover police to instigate violence at Thorne's peaceful protests, turning the public against her entirely. The Sunburst weapon is built to supposedly deal with the freaks, but is actually built as an antipersonnel weapon, meant to kill anyone who might oppose the Agency. Thorne, in an attempt to stop the Agency's plan, leads attacks by the Cell on the Sunburst bombs, giving the Agency a reason to send their Agents back into the field.



  • Charles Goodwin - Charles Goodwin, also known as the Agency Director who also referred to himself as the "Voice of the Agency" is an enigmatic man who runs the Agency, and the true main antagonist of the Crackdown series.


  • Peacekeepers (Enforcers and Snipers).
  • Dropsquads (Aka Droptroopers) Droptroopers are unique Peacekeeper units specifically trained to deploy from Helicopters in order to secure locations and defend from enemies for a short while until being officially secured and developed. Dropsquads are seen in Crackdown 2 when the Agent captures a tactical location, although only after Cell resistance has been eliminated. They are deployed by weaponless Helicopters in the same fashion that Vehicles are delivered, although they repel down a short length of rope from the helicopter rather than the helicopter landing before flying away.
  • Agents (Player)



Being the globalisation of every known police force, the Agency enjoys advanced technology and cloning techniques, most of this in the form of their Agents.

This also extends to their officers, known as Peacekeepers; Volunteers who are often given better training than meagre crooks armed with illegally imported firearms, but the harsh policies makes them somewhat inferior to their enemies, whom are likely armed with military grade weapons.

Their fleet of vehicles include armed varieties ranging from traditional police cruisers to fully armoured tanks and armed helicopters. A sheer contrast compared to the gangs, whom may have to do with armoured civilian vehicles.