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The Stock SUV

The Agency SUV is a formidable off-road vehicle seen in Crackdown. A new second model Agency SUV is available in Crackdown 2.


When the Agency SUV is fully evolved, it can drive over almost any obstacle, it also has unparalleled aerial control. The Agency SUV starts off as a basic Hummer style vehicle, but as the Agent's driving skill evolves, so does the abilities and looks of The Agency SUV. Eventually the Agency SUV gains the ability to launch itself into the air with the use of high powered hydraulics (by pressing and holding the "B" button) and adopting a monster truck style.

Skilled Agents are also able to utilize the high powered hydraulics to scale buildings, however this can be extremely difficult.  This is achieved by letting the vehicle sort of magnetize itself to whatever surface it's on while the hydraulic button is held down.  Once the button is released it launches off the surface. With proper orientation and timing you can go vertically up the side of a wall for a limited time, then launch yourself off and twist and sticking to another wall nearby.


  • The Stock Agency SUV can resemble the 2001 Ford Explorer Sport.
  • The Fully Upgraded Agency SUV resembles the 2010 Ford Excursion Lifted.

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