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The Stock Crackdown 1 Supercar

The Agency Supercar is the fastest Agency vehicle, it can only be found in the Keep's garage or through cheats (see: Keys to the City). This vehicle is the second fastest car in the game, with the Agency Race Car being the fastest. As the car evolves, the shape of the car becomes sleeker, longer and more like a wedge. At Driving level 0, the car looks like a convertible sports/muscle car hybrid. At Driving level 4, the car somewhat looks like the Batmobile from the Batman comic franchise and gets two machine guns, one on each side, activated by pressing B. The agency Supercar has a noticeable ability to fling cars into the sky. This ability works on most vehicles except for the largest vehicles (Armored Car, Scud launcher, Etc.).


The fully upgraded Agency Supercar, flinging vehicles into the air.

On the first level, your supercar becomes slightly more of a wedge and becomes a slight bit faster. On the second level your car becomes slightly faster and even more of a wedge. On the third level it becomes much faster, and you start noticing how much of a wedge it is. On the fourth level it becomes almost that of the same as of level 5 expect without the two mounted machine guns. At level 5 it becomes the fastest vehicle in the city and with the two mounted machine guns it will do much more devastation.


  • Even though it is the fastest car in the game, capable reaching speeds over 200 mph, a glitch gives players the ability to go even faster, reaching speeds nearing 300 mph, even in reverse. To do so, one must be on a flat road, preferably on a highway. Pressing fully on the RT button (gas), letting off RT and gently pressing down on LT (brakes) while coasting to a stop. One stopped and still pressing on LT, the car will slowly but surely accelerate pretty much indefinitely, the only factor limiting this is the ability to not collide into walls/objects. This glitch works just as described while reversing as well.
  • The car bears a resemblance to a 2005 Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg Agera R.

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