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The Agency Truck Cab at driving Level 1

The Agency Truck, or Agency Truck Cab is the largest vehicle of the three total Agency vehicles.


The Agency Truck Cab is the powerhouse of the three main Agency vehicles, starting off as a sluggish vehicle, it soon evolves into a force to be reckoned with. Where the Agency Supercar's ability to drive under vehicles and the Agency SUV's ability is to drive over vehicles, the Agency Truck cab's ability is to plow right on through almost any obstacle, by essentially 'charging' using a nitrous boost (by pressing and holding the "B" button.). Once this behemoth starts to 'charge' using it's nitrous boost there is very little to stop it on it's destructive path. In terms of look's, The Agency Truck, starts off as a basic, small, flat chested truck cab but soon evolves into massive 6-wheeler truck cab with reinforced armor on it's protruding front bumper. This vehicle is one of the most dangerous on the other hand. While you're charging and hitting vehicles at full speed the vehicles will begin to explode directly on contact, which can potentially kill you.


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