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"You are the portent of a New World Order, agent. Pacific City was only the beginning..." - the Agency Director

Agents are genetically modified superhumans created by the Agency, using the work of the disgraced Dr. Balthazar Czernenko. They serve as the main playable characters in each installment of the Crackdown series.

When the Peacekeepers find themselves unable to fight back on their own, the Agents step on to serve as the Agency's hard hitting response to organized crime, providing back up to the strained police force and protecting the people of whatever city they’re stationed in. These blue and black clad enforcers of the law are essentially government sanctioned Supermen.

Agent Heights is no secret that when you max out your agility or your strength your characters appearance changes. This of course includes your height. Mainly crackdown one and two.

Starting: your height is roughly about 6 feet tall

Second agility level: your height is roughly 6‘2-6’3

Third agility: 6”4 - 6’5

Fourth agility: 6”6

At Max You’re most likely easily approaching 7 feet tall.


A fully-evolved Agent from the first Crackdown

Being the best of what the Agency has to offer, Agents enjoy direct access to the Agency's best high-tech equipment.

Augmented and superior to their human counterparts, Agents are almost fully superhuman in nature, possessing superior strength, agility, and quicker reflexes. However, while the forceful entrance of an Agent means the same as a four-man squad of Peacekeepers, they're still susceptible to heavy resistance. Enough trauma can incapacitate or kill an Agent. But cloning facilities present in nearly every Agency department allow for the quick redeployment of previously slain Agents.

Another key feature in their biology is the to 'evolve.’ Each Agent is given a set of specialized augments upon creation that improves their performance according to the amount of field experience they collect. These 'skills' are the measurements employed by the Director to monitor their progress during their fight to uphold the law. Skills are improved through the method employed. If an agent kills an enemy with a firearm, then the criminal will drop small orbs that accumulate into them, adding to the Firearm skill. Once an Agent reaches a certain threshold of skill, then that will 'evolve' into the next level, making them more effective with it, as such, a Firearm Skill evolution will allow the Agent to reload their weapon faster and become more accurate.

To protect themselves while out in the field, Agents use a special bio-armor, crafted to evolve while the Agent does, changing their appearance as they improve their five core skills. Becoming more prominent and visual as the Agent grows the five skills.

The Agents[]

In Crackdown there are eight playable Agents in total, plus an extra four if you have downloaded the Four-Play pack DLC. However, the exact number of the Agency's Agents in service at the time of the game is presumed to be much higher.

Agent Description
Black Agent This is the African-American Agent and is the Agent that Realtime Worlds (the game's developers) noteably used to show off the game and gameplay. As he progresses in strength skill, his face becomes more square, and the hairstyle and beard change.
Asian Agent This Agent is said to represent a modest Agent. As the Agent increases the strength skill, instead of the face bulking up, the Agent appears older. Also, as the Agent increases his strength skill, he grows a goatee, a small ponytail, and a small amount of spiky hair at his fringe.
Russian Agent As this Agent's strength level increases, his cheekbones become more prominent and his eyes more sunken and closer set. He swaps his cropped hair for some blue tribal tattoos, and his beard develops clumps. He also gains several facial piercings, including two through his nose, and three through the labrette.
Thai Agent As this Oriental Agent becomes stronger, his chin becomes larger, and his hair is contained to two rows of four bunches. He also dons red and white face paint.
Goth Agent The Goth Agent represents the Gothic sub-culture. As the Goth Agent upgrades, his face becomes more square, and he develops a Mohawk haircut that continues into flared sideburns and a thin beard.
Hispanic Agent As this Mexican Agent develops, his face shape changes and he grows facial hair and a beard and gains ear, eyebrow, and nose piercings. He then begins donning some tribal tattoos.
Norse Agent The Norse Agent evolves rather menacingly. He develops a large braid from the front to the back of his head, and a knotted beard on his chin, as well his scarred eye becoming more prominent. As he develops, he dons traditional Nordic war paint.
Maori Agent As this Agent becomes stronger, he goes back to his tribal roots by adopting tribal face paint and hairstyle. Also as this Agent's skills increase, he gains eyebrow piercings across his whole forehead. Like the Norse Agent, he always has a bull ring piercing in his nose


Agent Description
Caribbean Agent (DLC) As this Agent develops, he grows dreadlocks and a beard.
Recon Agent As this Agent develops, he paints his face with camouflage, wears goggles, and dons a bandana.
Masked Agent When his strength increases, the Masked Agent develops a face mask with a gas breather.
Tactical Agent When this Agent develops, he dons a full-face helmet, complete with red vision-enhancers and lights along the top of the helmet. Also, when near a wall and the character becomes transparent, his fully developed face can be seen,

Crackdown 2[]

A Level 5 Crackdown 2 Agent, with the "Agency Blue" suit color.

In the Pacific City Archives mini-series released prior to Crackdown 2's release, it is revealed in Episode 2: "Evil Seed" that the original Agents from Crackdown were infected with a deadly virus created by Catalina Thorne, which grossly mutated them and nearly all clones made of them. This resulted in the destruction of the Agency's cloning labs, setting The Agency's cloning technology back many years, effectively to "square one".

Crackdown 2 sees the creation of a new type of Agent. These new Agents are now protected by a more advanced suit, which evolves along with the Agent, providing the Agent with heightened body protection and full facial protection.

These new Agents also gain new abilities once they reach the peak of their Skills. With Level 5 Agents acquiring Wingsuits, Barge, and Ground Pound attacks as a result of their efforts.

Suit Colours[]

In Crackdown 2, there are only four Agents to choose from with basic suit colours. But will have a variety of suit colors to select (16 in single-player with all DLC, 20 in multiplayer with DLC too).

Agency Blue
Dark Grey
Mid Grey
Light Grey
DLC: Preorder DLC: The Toy Box
Gold Peacekeeper
Gunmetal Terra Firma
Black Agent Orange
Xbox May Contain Nuts
Mega Agent
Haz Mat
Dem Apples

Crackdown 3[]

Agents return in Crackdown 3, this time with more distinctive personalities and backgrounds. These agents also have their own different skill XP boosts. For the first time in the series, Crackdown 3 introduces female agent skins as well as existing male skins. Some of these agents are unlocked, and have to be found by collecting Agent DNA - each Agent DNA that is collected will reward the player with a new agent with different XP boosts. There are a total of 21 agents you can play as in Crackdown 3. You will only have access to six agents when you first start the game, and will have to find the DNA for the remaining 15 agents around the map before you can play as them.




Driving to Agents is expected to become proficient with all available vehicles. Whether Agency-owned or commandeered, vehicles are crucial to an Agent's continued success on the street. Explosive are provided with sophisticated explosives before being placed on assignment. Agents will be regularly outnumbered while in pursuit of their duties, and often they will need to break down seemingly impenetrable barriers; superior firepower is therefore required to even the odds and increase the chance of success. Firearms are expected to become superior marksmen while in pursuit of career criminals. All forms of organized crime ensure their soldiers are proficient with firearms. No Agent can expect to succeed in removing these threats without becoming an expert in all forms of firearms, including those confiscated from dead criminals. Agility is the ability to dodge attacks and access remote, often altitudinous, areas is critical to success in removing gang influence from the streets. All Agents must work to improve their agility while serving in the field. Strength will not always have access to additional ammunition or advanced explosives. An Agent must be capable of stopping criminals quickly and effectively in close-quarters combat, as well as in being able to use his environment to his advantage. All Agents must continually train to increase their strength while serving in the field.

Name Description Method
Agility Athletism - Measures the Agent's mobility on foot. The Agent's running speed and jump height increases. Finding Agility Orbs on rooftops and Completing Rooftop Races
Firearm Combat - Measures the Agent's proficiency with ranged weaponry. The accuracy in Lock-On Mode and reload speed are affected. Killing enemies with weapons, either in vehicles or on foot.
Strength Muscle - Measures the Agent's capability in melee combat. The Agent's melee damage increases and the ability to wield heavier objects per level. The Agent's health also gains a 'bar' hinted by a notch under the current health bar. Killing enemies with melee attacks or thrown.
Explosives Destruction - Measures the Agent's capabilities with explosives. Explosive radius and power improve with each level. Killing enemies with explosive weaponry including barrels and missiles.
Driving Vehicle Handling - Measures the Agent's performance with Vehicle operation - Handling and acceleration improve with each level. Road Races, Running enemies over and performing Stunt Rings and maneuvers.


  • In the Xbox Live Arcade release of Rareware's Perfect Dark, an Agent can be unlocked as a playable multiplayer character by having a Crackdown 2 save file on your hard drive. This Agent is known as "Agent 4."

Original Crackdown agents.

  • The original Crackdown Agents had a different Body Armour, different colour (Red and Black), and was going to have females.

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