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The Agents wear a bio-armour integrated to their bodies and nervous system, acting as a part of the Agent's body.

Agents with various colored armor


The armour evolves as the Agent does, with its appearance and functionality gradually improving every level upgrade.

The bio-armour offers high protection capabilities.[1] It is tightly sealed, which prevents outside factors from entering.

It has an advanced shielding function that protects the Agent, and can quickly regenerate and fix damages during battle.[2]

As stated in the manual, the armour is made up of tough carbon-fibre material.

It is very durable, able to resist powerful energy outputs and can take massive damage, such as continuous rocket barrages, explosions and even energy blasts from a tank.

Armour protects the Agent when falling from very high places, and also increases the Agent's already-powerful attributes, but is light enough for them to be able to swim, run, and jump.

The armour has an integrated HUD system that marks anything valuable in the map, and has a motion detector that tracks moving objects and enemies.


In Crackdown, armour first appears as an ordinary Kevlar-like protection. As the Agent evolves, the armour becomes bulkier, the muscles are there.

Crackdown 2[]

In Crackdown 2, Agents are now protected by a more advanced suit, which evolves along with the Agent, providing the Agent with heightened body protection and full facial protection. Its helmet is strong enough to take direct hit from grenades to the face.

In both the ending cutscene and game mechanics, the armour can be penetrated by the blades of an Agency helicopter. This is a large contrast to how the armour can withstand shots from rocket launchers and bombs, suggesting that it's probably vulnerable to some vehicles made out of the same materials.

Falls from extremely high places can also kill an Agent, especially low-level Agents. Various upgrades are eventually added to the armour, such as a wingsuit, cloaking, barge, ground pound and a thruster attachment. The armour also protects the Agent from the freak virus.


The Agents can customise the colour of their armour plates in Crackdown 2.

Colour How to Obtain
Agency Blue Default
Dark Grey
Mid Grey
Light Grey
PVP Red Multiplayer Exclusive
PVP Green
PVP Blue
PVP Yellow
Gold Pre-Order Bonus
Xbox Agent
Peacekeeper The Toy Box
Terror Firma
Agent Orange
May Contain Nuts
Mega Agent
Haz Mat
Dem Apples

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