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The Arctic Truck is a Cell vehicle.

The Arctic Truck was an Truck taken by The Cell and covered with Scrap Armor, the windshield has an metal grille, the rear wheels has some metal grates to use like tire shields, it is very armoured and strong, but for its size, it is very slow, it can reach 125 Mph. it was based on the Peterbilt 359. It was a Los Muertos Semi Truck from Crackdown.


It is similar in appearance to the Cell Tow Truck, and is only distinguishable as it as has makeshift bull bar bumpers at the front and the drivers cabin appears to be encased in more armour.


  • It is possible to transport players and items (such as barrels) in the Arctic Truck, allowing the players to use the truck as mobile cover while in combat.
  • It is the only Semi Truck that returns in Crackdown 2.