Beacons are devices used in Project Sunburst in Crackdown 2. They are dropped into Freak lairs, where they begin a charging sequence and draw energy from Absorption Units for several minutes. When a Beacon is fully charged, it detonates, flooding the lair with a concentrated wave of light which destroys Freaks but leaves uninfected humans unharmed.



The Beacon's protective casing is jettisoned on deployment. Once it's gone, the Beacon is highly vulnerable to attack and must be protected at all costs. If you die the beacon will need to be reactivated.


The Beacon depends on a continuous flow of energy from Absorption Units. When its core reaches critical mass, this energy is discharged in a powerful detonation that is lethal to Freaks but harmless to those uninfected.


Upon deployment, the deflector launches into a precise position above the Beacon and directs incoming energy beams into the depths of Freak Lairs.


Freak Lairs can get pretty deep, so the Beacon is built to withstand drops from great heights. After it's landed, the base unit digs in to ensure a solid foundation.