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Cell is a radical terrorist organization and are the main antagonists in Crackdown 2. This faction was formed by Catalina Thorne, by manipulating the distressed citizens of Pacific City.

Knowing that citizens were starting to lose faith in The Agency's promises, Catalina Thorne exploited this and led hate rallies against The Agency, recruiting some of Pacific City's most dangerous criminals along the way, presumably remaining members of the gangs that terrorized Pacific City 10 years ago.

What started off as "hate rallies" soon escalated into full-blown rioting and violent acts against the Peacekeeper until committing to terrorist acts as they fight to liberate Pacific City from the Agency. Catalina states regret at the actions of her followers and do not claim responsibility for a variety of terrorist attacks on the Agency and Pacific City.

Their violent acts caught on very quickly from the Agency, as they adapted their police tactics to those employed by the military, seeing Cell as an active key threat to Pacific City's safety.

Cell rely on public support and utilize the carnage caused by Thorne's Freak Virus to see themselves as freedom fighters for the people.

In combat, they are a force to be reckoned with and have established a firm presence across the city, holding up in key Strongholds and other defensive positions whilst fighting off the Agency's peacekeepers with illicit military hardware and modified vehicles.

As the new Agents are deployed, The Cell will initially challenge them with newly introduced recruits and grunts but as they pose a more significant threat to them and the Freaks, the Cell gets desperate and will employ veterans, turreted vehicles, and heavy weaponry to try and stifle the Agents' campaign.

Most of the Cell's vehicles compose mostly of civilian assets protected by sheets of metal and hardened chassis. They also utilize vehicles, once used by the gangs of the city but altered to suit their needs. Buses become moving fortresses or battle platforms for a battery of turrets. Due to poor organization, The Cell does not have access to aircraft, giving the Agency freedom to control the skies for themselves. Instead, they defend their territory with turrets and stole missile weaponry.

Cell, like the Agency and Freaks, will react against Agents who begin causing carnage across their infrastructure. Employing heavily armed hit squads armed with powerful equipment than standard Cell foot.

In The Toy Box DLC, players can deploy them via the cheats menu in Keys to the City.


Poorly equipped and less trained than their organized opposition, Cell comes in overwhelming numbers and by rank, are given better weapons, some being stolen Agency weaponry that was adapted for Cell use.


  • Road Warrior -- (Threat 1.5/10 - Weaponry: Ingalls XGS, Ingalls AL - 107, Demp 90-A)

Deluge DLC[]

In the DLC they have some only available for only Deluge.