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The Cruiser is the Agency's main response vehicle, commonly used by its Peacekeeper corps. Chosen primarily for its rugged dependable performance, it is a commonplace sight to see officers patrol Agency held districts and Pacific City's highways.



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The Cruiser (or Dispatch Vehicle) is a vehicle used and seen primarily by Peacekeepers. They retain the traditional 'police car' design with a lightbar and sirens though they lack the livery of its counterparts. Mainly due to the unification of every law enforcement agency across the globe. Each Dispatch Vehicle is manned by two officers and are usually the first responders whenever a firefight takes place.

Crackdown 2[]

The Cruiser retains its purpose as the standard response vehicle but the design has been slimmed down. The lightbar has been swapped for integrated red and blue lights that run along the upper doorframes but retain its sirens.

However, the Cruiser is the starting vehicle for the Agent and is even entered as part of their training. Furthermore, Peacekeepers still utilise this vehicle and will often react to gunfights.


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