Dr. Bazenko

Dr. Baltazar Czernenko

Dr. Baltazar Czernenko is the research director of Shai-Gen. He is located at the Institute of Research.

He is the scientist responsible for creating Mutated humans known as Freaks. In the beginning cutscene, it is discovered that Baltazar is also responsible for the creation of the Agents. He was also the mentor of Catalina Thorne, Leader of The Terrorist group Cell.

Agency ProfileEdit


"Doctor Baltazar Czernenko is Shai-Gen's Research Director. His most successful inventions are the emotion suppressants used to keep civilians docile and the genetic accelerates used to create so-called 'Super Soldiers'.

Czerneko's work focuses on every unlawful, unethical and unfounded field of medicine. The results are seldom practical or pleasant, but Shai-Gen is confident another breakthrough is imminent.

Fortunately for them, Pacific City provides a healthy supply of potential test subjects..."


Doctor Baltazar Czernenko is dead. Shai-Gen's Super Soldier program is crippled, and crucial experiments are fundamentally flawed, producing an increasing number of powerful freaks that the Corporation is struggling to contain. The Research Facility is now on the verge of liquidation.


  • When he is dead and the sunsets, freaks will begin to appear ONLY in the Shai-Gen area. These freaks however are nowhere near as advanced as the ones in Crackdown 2.
  • The Director can be heard saying, "Dr. Baltazar Czerneko's finest creation - freaks!" Although this is assumed to be sarcasm, as he helped create the agents before joining the shai-gen.