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Driving is a skill that increases when you perform tricks in your cars or kill gang members by driving over them. You can also upgrade driving by collecting Hidden Orbs, driving through stunt markers and racing.


In Crackdown upgrading driving allows the Agency vehicles to upgrade as well. For example, The Agency Supercar will turn into a bat-mobile like vehicle and gain machine guns at four star driving.
The Agency vehicles will, at four star driving be:

  • The Agency SUV will gain powerful hydraulics, allowing it to jump in the air and gain extra air mobility.
  • The Agency Supercar will turn into a batmobile like vehicle and gain machine guns.
  • The Agency Truck will gain turbo booster for maximum ramming power.

Crackdown 2[]

In Crackdown 2 at every level you unlock a new vehicle. The vehicles do not "evolve", like in the original Crackdown.

Level 2: Buggy with a turret mounted on top.

Level 3: Supercar same ability of the original super car, minus the machine guns.

Level 4: Agency SUV ability to "jump", same as original SUV, but it can also climb walls.

Level 5: Tank with a rocket launcher on top.


  • An easy way to level up without worrying about running over civilians is doing tricks. Be aware this requires alot of patience, and a good place for tricks is the beach in Green Bay, near Funland.
  • Another easy way to level up is to wait for nightfall and run over all the Freaks.