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East Ferry Co was a location and building in La Mugre.


As the name says it is a Ferry Station found in Green Bay close to the Agency tunnel to la mugre and the Los Banditos building the ferry seems to lead or travel to Puregy Refinery (Or somewhere in the Den). The building is a large building with a big clock like tower on the roof it is where the ferrys are controlled most likely. Los Muertos Soldiers and Volk Soldiers often do Faction events here. The area also has Microcars spawned close to where the ferrys are.

Crackdown 2[]

East Coast Ferry Co cd2.jpg

In Crackdown 2 the ferry area hasn't really changed the gates remain the same and stuff like they did in first game. But some parts can be seen destroyed or rusted the building however has a destroyed exposed state where the roof and mini clocktower is. Inside the destroyed roof has a Hidden Orb.