"Those Peacekeepers need assistance, agent!"
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Crackdown 2
  • On Agency Island, there is a large smokestack only accessible by helicopter or by leaping off the tower. If you jump down into the smokestack, you will land in a large toilet with a few beach balls and golf balls scattered throughout the cave. You need to jump from the top of the tower into this toilet to get the "Pebble Dash" achievement.
  • In the Sportiz Freak Lair, there is a shack with a fenced-off area next to it. The fenced-off pen is full of rubber ducks.These ducks cannot be picked up unless you are playing PvP on this map.
  • Peacekeepers will occasionally yell (referring to the Agent) "He's here to kick ass and chew gum...and he's all out of that...", inspired by a quote from the title character in the 1996 video game "Duke Nukem 3D" and the 1988 Science Fiction film "They Live".