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Explosives is one of the 5 main core skills for an Agent. Explosives, like the other skills can be maxed out to 4-stars (5 levels), with each level of progression, the explosions from grenades and rockets have a bigger blast radius and cause more damage.

Crackdown 2Edit

Each level makes your explosions bigger and better, plus you gain more access to the armory. To detonate a charge like, Mags or Satchel press RB, this also makes Proximity mines activate in Mid-air

Level 1: Grenade, Mag grenade

Level 2: Satchel charge, UV grenade

Level 3: Proximity mine, Flocket launcher

Level 4: Turret flack

Level 5: Turret rocket launcher

The Cell has 3 grenades that you can store: Shrapnel Grenade, Quacker & Cluster Grenade.

Easy Skill Gain MethodsEdit

  • Get onto a building above a large horde of freaks. Throw grenades or shoot rockets at the biggest groups.
  • If you have gained access to the Tank, you can drive around shooting everything.