Homing launcher

The Flocket Launcher is a type of homing launcher in Crackdown 2. You unlock the Flocket Launcher at level 3 Explosives.


The Flocket Launcher is an ideal tool, where destruction is absolutely required. Unlike its Cell counterpart, the Flocket Launcher has a phenomenal rate of fire, with Agents puffing out hordes of homing missiles with in seconds upon first launch. Each missile is enough to destroy a large vehicle and penetrate armor, and more of them can cause a massive explosion as big as a city block.

The nature of the launcher, is as its name implies. The rockets follow a crazed pattern and yet gains a homing ability where projectiles can sweep over an obstacle, that usually spell doom for normal straight travelling projectiles, and take down the target. Due to this unforgiving nature of the so called 'flockets', Agents can catch fast moving targets, cars, and even Freaks with unpresidented accuracy. In fact it outshines to be the successor of the Homing Launcher, giving Agents an explosive edge over Cell, bearing the less maneuverable hardware.

The weapon comes with its flaws. The explosive nature with the weapon means that care must be taken when in use in civilian and Peacekeeper presence, it also holds an 8 clip magazine which means the launcher can make a full lap of it's circular clip as fast as it spew out its entire clip content. It also only holds 32 rockets so Agents must be advised to only use them for major fights unless they want to make frequent trips to Agency Drop Zones.


  • The term Flock being used in its name may refer to its high rate of fire dispersing large flocks of missiles and thus may be a crazy name, also linking to it's unpredictable manner.
  • The Flocket Launcher has the same firing sound as the Turret Flack.
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