The Harpoon in the select menu.

The Harpoon is an Agency weapon in Crackdown 2. It is unlocked at level 4 Firearms.


A sadistic choice for sadistic Agents. This weapon appears to be the most gruelling of weapons. The harpoon is an air-powered weapon meaning it can be used as a stealth weapon. With incredible accuracy, damage with a low rate of fire, Agents can sure put the spear of head into Cell, literally.

Because it fires harpoons, this cruel weapon allows Agents to impale targets and stick them to the walls, dangling lifelessly all over Pacific City's walls and vehicles allowing the users to show off their hunted prey. The weapon is humourous yet in a humane way.

It is very powerful but it does little damage to vehicles and only holds 3 harpoons per clip and 33 in reserve. It can kill all the enemies in the game in one shot, except the Goliath. It has another version in Crackdown, the HRX "Harpoon". Much like the "Body Armor" achievement in Crackdown, the achievement "Pin Cushion" can be earned by pinning 5 enemies to a single vehicle.

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