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In response to the escalating threat of the Cell and the Freaks, The Agency's established a new airborne division comprimising of rotary winged aircraft. With their new Helicopter fleet, the Agency's mobility was further extended, allowing them to reinforce recaptured Tactical Locations and, more importantly, deploy Beacons for the Sunburst Project.

Helicopters serve to provide close air support for Agency operatives on the ground from armed airborne assaults to supplying munitions, equipment and other essentials that an Agent or Peacekeepers may wish for their fight against crime.


Crackdown 2[]

Helicopters serve as the penultimate means to move around Pacific City and is used by both Agents and specially trained Peacekeeper pilots. The aircraft comes in three variants.


Likely to serve more for utility purposes and is often employed for a majority of Peacekeeper reinforcements and deploying Beacons and Equipment at Supply Drops.

Machine Gun[]

Helicopter MachienGun C2.png

This variant sports familiar weaponry mounted on Buggies and Turret mounts, however it sports two on the hardpoints fitted to either side of the cockpit. The pilot can fire either one, or simulatiously with Peacekeepers often firing these guns with no alteration. Compared to cruisers and buggies, AI-flown choppers are seldom seen and are more likely to spawn in regions fully locked down by the Agency where they'll follow sighted Cell enemies.

Rocket Launcher[]

Helicopter RocketLauncher C2.png

The Rocket Launcher armed version is identical to its machine-gun variant but instead sports two rocket launchers and are usually more powerful as a result. These are only seen during the end of a Freak Breach, being called in to use its weapons to seal the opened Breach, after the Agent has killed off all the emergent Freaks.

While powerful and manuverable, the Helicopter isn't the best armored and is extremely suspectible to heavy fire, especially Homing Launchers given to their nature. Due to the Agency's prowess in air supremacy, Turrets are used as their sole defense against air strikes.

Cell Helicopter[]

Although ingame no Cell Choppers can be found after the beacon charges, A cutscene will play with Catalina herself attacks in a stolen and repainted Agency helicopter to look like Cell, firing at the core.

Ordered to stop her, the Agent, though damaged and bruised, leaps from the tower, firing at the helicopter as he falls. Catalina turns the helicopter when it is fired upon, causing the agent to hit the rotor blades rather than the cockpit. He is torn apart, sacrificing himself, succeeds in stopping Thorne. His hand lands in the helicopter as Thorne spins out of control away from the tower.

Deluge Chopper[]

Deluge Helicopter.jpg

In the Deluge after some rounds on a map Cell SMG Soldiers will start to drive unique Red painted Agency Helicopters either coming with Machine Guns or Rocket Launchers you can enter it if it doesn't blow up.

Squad Chopper[]

CD2 Squad Chopper.PNG

(See: Squad Chopper).

The Agency Squad Chopper is a Crackdown 2 vehicle available only through the Toy Box DLC pack.

The Squad Chopper serves as a heavy-duty version of the standard Agency Helicopter, designed to be an Attack Helicopter, featuring four seats.

Well armed, a fully crewed Squad Chopper possess exceptional firepower with toughened armor to boot. Mounted underneath is a suite of Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers and a Proximity Mine launcher, each linked to a certain seat around the chopper.


  • If two players are playing cooperatively, they can exploit the Stunt Markers. With a Mag, its possible to carry a ground vehicle through the air, with a player inside to count.
  • A Cell-repainted Helicopter is used by Catalina Thorne at the end of the game in a last-ditch effort to stop the Agency from activating Project Sunburst's final phase.
  • its appearance bares a resemblence to the RAH-66 Comanche Attack Helicopter, but with some sort of crane underneath of it across.
  • The deluge helicopter is the only Helicopter to carry both a Machine Gun and Rocket Launcher on whichever side.



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