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Hi-Power Tower was a Supply Point and Location in Crackdown and Crackdown 2.



In Crackdown it seems to be owned by Puregy Refinery it is one of the few Agency Supply Points in Den the area can also be guarded by Volk Soldiers and sometimes Volk Workers it also sometimes surprisingly has two, or three Peacekeepers in the area on Roof Attacking The Volk guarding the Area.

Crackdown 2[]

Crackdown 2

In Crackdown 2 the place is badly damaged it seems to be still active surprisingly it is used now as a Weapons Factory by cell to create or make weapons. It is also used as a Tactical Location by Cell. And The Power Station Towers that were originally apart of the Hi-Power is used by Freaks as the First Beacon the Player completes to clear the first Freak Lair in Hope Springs.