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Hillside House is a Location and Supply point in Crackdown "El Numero" is the eyes and ears of Los Muertos, and  also hold the gang's purse strings. Martinez puts the gang's illegal earnings to effective use by hiring the best assassins money can buy. and Crackdown 2 by Cell.


Hillside Housing is used by Los Muertos controlled by Juan "El Numero" Martinez as a eyes and ears and Los Muertos Purse Strings it's Advanced tactical profiling suggests this target should prove appropriate for less experienced Agents. You are advised to focus on removing individual guards one at a time to minimize being overwhelmed. Martinez is stationed near a radio tower on the rooftop of this blue building, near the Hillside Housing supply point. You can climb to the roof via a ground floor entrance on the east side of the building. There are a few gang members defending it, but it's nothing a few grenades can't handle. Afterward, climb the staircase and turn left at the top. There are several enemies on the next level. Stand near the top of the staircase so you can retreat back down for cover, if needed. The staircase on the right leads to Martinez - if you're lucky, he may walk down himself saving you the trouble. If Martinez doesn't pay you a visit, just climb that staircase to the top and take down Martinez with whatever means necessary.


Access through the main gate provides the most obvious route through to Martinez but also features the most opposition.


There are three Shortcuts:

  • The lower gate in the street below provides the shortest route to Martinez. Once the soldiers are neutralized there, take the stairs, eliminating any resistance along the way, until you find Martinez.
  • Access Via the rear balconies on the western rear side of the Hillside Housing estate is advised for Agents with advanced agility skills. Opposition from this side is likely to be minimal.
  • The bulk of the Hillside Housing estate is accessible via dozens of rooftop routes, which is ideal for athletic Agents. The opposition faced depends on where the compound is accessed, but overall it should be less intense than entering.

Supply Point[]

This supply point rests on top of a housing unit on the north-western portion of the southern island. You can climb the building using a dumpster on the south side to reach the ledge above, then make your way to the Supply Point at the top. There aren't too many gang members in the immediate vicinity, but move quick to avoid the heavy gunfire coming from the rooftops near Juan Martinez.

Crackdown 2[]

In Crackdown 2 it is mostly used by Cell as a Tactical Location the area where the Agency Supply Point used to be is mostly abandoned it is boarded up with rusty old metal scraps and junk that can be found at the entrances and where the gate entrance used to be. In some locations the place is also seen on fire. While the place almost looks the same like the first games doesn't mean there will be damaged spots and the walls and stuff.