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The Homing Launcher is a weapon found in Crackdown 2. Limited in quantity due to mainly stolen from the Agency, Homing Launchers are given only to Cell's elite.


The Homing Launcher shares the same appearance as the Rocket Launcher when basically looked at. The major difference is as obvious as the name applies, it fires homing rockets.

Compared to the speedier and more destructive power of the unguided cousin, the Homing Launcher enjoys firing slower but guided projectiles with weaker in damage. As of its powerful guided ability, it is one of the anti-aircraft weaponry in Cell's arsenal in restricting Agency Air Support. When attacking Agent-controllied aircraft, missiles are hard to dodge in a Squad Chopper but the normal Agency Helicopter's incredible agility, might just give it an edge in dodging them but this is advised to leave the area because Cell can just send more hurtling your way.

A popular choice for Agents, the weapon carries 8 rockets in a revolver style loading system with 32 in total including stock. With it, users can lock onto a target and fire missiles that simply track the enemy, giving off a yellowish exhaust during flight.

However, not does its slower velocity and lower damage are two of the hinderances. The homing rockets cannot make their way around obstacles as Agents can simply take cover at signs of homing rockets bearing upon them. This is however outshined by the Flocket Launcher, a weapon exclusive to Agents who might as well gain a competitive edge over the Homing Launcher.

It is similar to the Watson HE99-X "Firefly" found in Crackdown.

The Homing Launcher in the select menu.

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