A screenshot of Igor.

Igor Biragov, nicknamed "Rafik," is in charge of supplying vehicles to the Volk. He is located at the City Coaches.

Agency ProfileEdit


Igor Biragov spent his formative years forging a far reaching reputation as a driver of safety challenged trucks packed with volitle hazardous compounds over incrediable distances and through trecherous conditions these days he drives the smooth running of the volk substancial fleet of trucks and military vehicles. His dedicated teams of gators shadow all cargo routes throughout the city and highjack trucks forced to pass through the den. Igor then sells merchandise to desparate immigrants and uses the proceeds to buy military vehicles from his extensive contacts.


Igor Biragov's timely demise has destabilized the Volk's vast vehicle operation, devestating its replenishment and maintenance. Biragov's demoralized Gators have gone their own ways leaving the compound in The Agency's hands - and the city's truckers breathing easier.


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