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Insight Counter Services is a counter service located in The Corridor. It is owned by Vitaly Rzeznik, the security director for Shai-Gen.



It is mostly used for security management for the Corridor Tower where Zuang Lun Wang is located. There are a few entrances to the complex, most of which involve finding entrance tunnels either at the entrance facing the mainland or the entrance on the freeway behind the complex. Either way, you will be greeted by Shai-Gen soldiers and scientists at the entrance as well as into the complex itself. There are impenetrable glass bridges on the roof each floor of the complex that will house either snipers or soldiers with rocket launchers. There will also be Shai-Gen soldiers in their vehicles that will try to run you over. Reinforcements will spew through several doors throughout the complex. Scale the spiral driveways and you will find a glass corridor. Traverse upward and find a staircase that will lead you up to Rzeznik, who will have 4 to 5 Shai-Gen soldiers/scientists as guards who will either go up the stairs to defend him or try and close the door to a lower entrance should the Agent go to that entrance instead.

However, an agile agent can simply jump to the craggy coast of the island the complex sits atop. Scale the walls to find a sizable open area that will lead you directly to Rzeznik. Climb up higher to find a completely unguarded rooftop. There will be a doorway that leads you downstairs into Rzeznik's room as well.

Crackdown 2[]

Crackdown 2

In Crackdown 2, the building is in ruins and badly damaged after Vitaly Rzeznik's demise and is now refered to as: "Security Ruins". It is also a place for a freak lair. The deployment zone is beneath the ruined security centre between northern and southeastern Unity Heights. Jump onto the wall surrounding the centre and then drop down to the Freak Lair entrance. Fall down to the Beacon Drop Point marker and give the signal to the helicopter to start.

As soon as you've given the signal, cross the rock bridge east of the Beacon and face north. A giant Freak will soon appear. Immediately lock on to the giant and when appears and start firing your Flocket Launcher at it.

This giant will run around the circular path surrounding the Beacon. And will periodically stop to pick up a boulder and then hurl that boulder at the Beacon. He has no interest in attacking you. You can down it quickly with your Flocket Launcher if you keep up after it and continuously pelt him with rockets. You can likely kill it before the Beacon even drops.

Once you've downed the first giant Freak, cross back over the rock bridge to the Beacon and throw a Cluster Grenade or two to clear away the Freaks surrounding it. Another giant will soon appear. This one will run up to the Beacon and continuously smash it until you manage to bring it down. Immediately lock on to this giant when it appears and use what ammo you have left in your Flocket Launcher to damage him. And finish it off.

Once you've downed two giants, another will appear on the circular path surrounding the Beacon. As with the first giant you encountered, this one will remain on the path and hurl boulders at the Beacon. Completely ignore this one. It will deal a negligible amount of damage to the Beacon and killing it will just spawn another giant usually fast after killing the others, so leave it be.

The biggest threats to the Beacon are not just the giants, but attackers too. Agile and projectile-throwing Freaks will still attack the Beacon even if they don't appear on your tracker. Unlike in previous lairs where you could pretty much ignore the unmarked Freaks, these ones Freaks can cause a lot of damage if you ignore them. As such, you must remain near the Beacon to keep these Freaks distracted. Trade one of your weapons for the UV Shotgun next to the weapon crate southwest of the Beacon and use it to eliminate any Freaks that appear near the Beacon. Continue blasting the Freaks that appear around the Beacon (while completely ignoring the running Goliath marked on your tracker) until the Beacon finally detonates.


  • This is where one of the Baggage Carrier can be found on a floor.
  • Peacekeepers can be found here as prisoners they can all be released as help.