Juan Martinez

A screenshot of Juan Martinez.

Juan "El Numero" Martinez is the eyes and ears of Los Muertos, and thanks to his loyal Bangers knows everything there is to know about what's happening on the streets. Residing in the multilevel Hilltop Housing complex on La Mudre's southern island[sic].

Martinez also holds the Los Muertos purse strings, and puts the gang's ample illegal funds to good use when threatened, by hiring the best assassins money can buy.

-The Director He was with Don Domingo "El Brazo" Garcia from the beginning we assume he is one of his most trusted freinds and most likely second in charge. He treats his soldiers with respect witch gains him the loyalty of all who he comes to command.

Juan "El Numero" Martinez is a general in Los Muertos.


Martinez is located in the Hilltop Housing complex, at the base of the communications antenna on the tallest building.

How-To: Kill Edit

Martinez is likely the first of the underbosses to be removed by the Agent, because he's the only one to which the agent is explicitly directed (and because of his proximity to a Supply Point). This gang underboss has five health bars and always carries a shotgun.

Getting to him is somewhat difficult, but compared to the rest of the bosses it's a cakewalk. It is highly possible for an agent to simply run past all the guards and take down Martinez without killing anyone else.

Two ways can be used to get into Martinez' stronghold:

  1. The first involves ramming a car through the front gates and making your way across two heavily defended bridges (the second of which has several explosive barrels on it, making it a dangerous crossing if the barrels are not preemptively removed) to the far tower, then up the stairs to Martinez' perch.
  1. The second starts at the street far below the second bridge, at the base of the far tower, and involves working your way up the stairs all the way to the same location.

Martinez is not that difficult to kill- staying away from him will make his shotgun completely ineffective, and at least one explosive barrel sits atop the top platform, making for an easy (if somewhat cheap) hit of heavy damage.


Crackdown Juan Martinez Dossier Clip

Crackdown Juan Martinez Dossier Clip

Juan Martinez Dossier Clip

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