Overview Edit

Keys to the City is a DLC pack for Crackdown and Crackdown 2. This is the only way to access cheats that alter the gameplay. It is available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for free. Typically it is the 'Cheat Mode' for the game, granting players everything on the map.

What's in Keys to the City? Edit

After downloading load the game as you usual would.

In the menus select the "Keys to the City" option.

Choose an agent face and color to start. Remember that you cannot save game progress whilst playing a KttC game.

Keys to the City performs the same way as the Campaign with the exception that there are no Director present, no mission to complete and that all, but the Refinery, remain under Agency control. This however can be toggled in the cheats menu. This menu can be accessed at any time by pressing the BACK button during play.

Players can summon vehicles at will, freeze the time to night to constantly attack freaks, or even patrol the streets whilst under the influence of invinciblity. The game supports multiplayer and other online players may join the action to tend to their own performance.

Some of the Cheats
Cheat Description
God Mode Renders your Agent immune to all forms of Damage. Any vehicle you enter will also share this trait.
Unlimited Ammo Renders all weapons with unlimited ammo but you do have to reload.
Public Enemy The Agency will deploy its full wrath against you endlessly
Diplomatic Immunity (Nullifies Public Enemy) Peacekeepers will not retaliate, no matter how many innocent or peacekeeper casualties, you inflict
Spawning Move into a sub-menu to summon vehicles, allies, enemies and more to where you look.
Radio Change the game music
Freeze time-of-day Stop current game time, useful if you want to harrass Freaks at night constantly
All Cell/Peacekeepers Active Toggles whenever Cell or Peacekeepers can spawn naturally
Empty Streets

The City literally becomes abandoned