Los Muertos is one of the three major gangs of Pacific City in Crackdown and most likely the first for the Player to encounter. They can be compared to real life Central/Southern American spanish drug cartels, Speaking exclusively in spanish, the Los Muertos Utilize custom lowriders and are heavily armed.


Introduction to the gang:Edit

"Los Muertos (The Dead) have rapidly grown from a petty band of Central American drug dealers into a significant narcotics operation dominating the Two Islands forming Pacific City's east side, a district now known as "La Mugre" (The Dirt).

The gang's "Death" designation was originally chosen to strike fear into those who might dare stand in their way, now their name is more associated with the consequences of their vile trade.

Los Muertos members are formidable fighters with remarkable brute strength and brutality to match. They are also renowned Vehicle specialists, stealing and customizing the finest cars and vans before using them to great effect in crimes and getaways." - The Agency Director

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Elimination of the Gang Edit

Once all Los Muertos generals have been removed and the final kingpin eliminated, Los Muertos will make a final stand riot located at "Funland" located near the first tunnel exit of the Agency's Keep. Upon eliminating Los Muertos, the area will be renamed "Green Bay" and this video will play.

Possible Return in Crackdown 3 Edit

In Crackdown 3's E3 2014 trailer, it's clear that gang is returning in Crackdown 3, Los Muetros have a chapter in the yet to be named new city in Crackdown 3, have defences on skyscrapers and are led by a new kingpin named Vincente Villareal is wanted by The Agency for Narcotics, Robbery(Armed), Robbery, Assault, Trafficking, Extortion, Torture, Kidnap, Vehicular Theft, Perjury, Forgery, Tax Evasion, Littering.


Vincente Villareal, the new kingpin for Los Muertos.

Er photo 225871

Los Muertos Skyscraper.


Crackdown Los Muertos Gang Intro Clip

Crackdown Los Muertos Gang Intro Clip

Crackdown Los Muertos Eliminated Clip

Crackdown Los Muertos Eliminated Clip