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Los Muertos is one of the three major gangs of Pacific City in Crackdown and are the first gang for the Player to encounter. They can be compared to real-life Central/South American drug cartels, speaking exclusively in Spanish. Los Muertos utilize custom Lowriders and are armed with the finest equipment. Run by Don Domingo 'El Brazo' Garcia, They have control over Pacific City's western islands, which they refer to as La Mugre (Spanish for the Dirt). Ruled by the drug cartel, La Mugre is a haven for the gang's drug operations.


"Los Muertos (The Dead) have rapidly grown from a petty band of Central American drug dealers into a significant narcotics operation dominating the Two Islands forming Pacific City's east side, a district now known as "La Mugre" (The Dirt).

The gang's "Death" designation was originally chosen to strike fear into those who might dare stand in their way, now their name is more associated with the consequences of their vile trade.

Los Muertos are formidable fighters with remarkable brute strength and brutality to match. They are also renowned vehicle specialists, stealing and customizing the finest cars and vans before using them to great effect in crimes and getaways.

Be aware that La Mugre's South Island is packed with rooftops that present an ideal retreat for athletic Agents under extreme duress". - Director


Los Muertos, or “The Dead.” They use this name to install fear in the hearts of honest, peace-loving citizens, Los Muertos are a reckless bunch; have a love for fast vehicles, You’ll find Los Muertos running in small groups on the streets and congregating around their hideouts, where they like to live it up and indulge in any number of activities. Narcotics, theft, assault, smuggling, and more. They are definitely the weakest out of the two. But it doesn't mean you can disregard them though. Before you go after the gang, it is better to work a bit on your skills first. You will find a lot of green orbs in the amusement park "Fun Land" where the big Ferris Wheel is that you may see at times in the district.


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  • Las Sombras Are the stander boss guards found at the Kingpin Location.



The Los Muertos gang’s arsenal includes basic but reliable weapons, such as sawed-off shotguns, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, and submachine guns Shrapnel grenades, which inflict significantly more damage than conventional grenades, are the explosive of choice for “The Dead".


Submachine Guns[]

Assault Rifles[]

Machine Guns[]


Sniper Rifles[]

Grenade/Rocket Launchers[]

Grenades and Explosives[]


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Once all of the Los Muertos Generals are gone, the rest of the gang will make a last stand riot at the Funland Amusement Park. Go there and kill Los Muertos survivors. After the soldiers are defeated, the city will be renamed to Green Bay as respect to one of the Agency's founders.


"Los Muertos are buried, once and for all. The Agency has begun regeneration of "La Mugre", cleaning up the filth left by Garcia's scum and renaming the district "Green Bay" as a mark of respect to one of the Agency's founders.

Agent, your initiative and ability are inspirational. Thanks to your deeds, the innocent need no longer live in constant fear of Los Muertos".


  • In Crackdown 3's E3 2014 trailer, Los Muertos was prominently featured as the target of an assault by the Agency, with the gang now headed by Vincente Villareal. This implies the gang had other branches elsewhere, as the Director directly mentions Los Muertos' presence in Pacific City from Crackdown. Agents assaulted Villareal's heavily defended tower before they brought the entire building down, seemingly killing him. Following this trailer, it was widely assumed that Los Muertos would return as the main enemy faction in Crackdown 3. However after numerous delays and changes, Los Muertos's sole appearance in Crackdown 3 had been reduced to a very brief reference by TerraNova Incorporated CEO Elizabeth Niemand during a cutscene. It is unknown why Los Muertos was almost entirely cut from the game in it's final product.


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