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The Modified Hatchback is a vehicle in Crackdown. For the Los Muertos gang, looking good on the street is an obsession, and their cars are a primary fashion accessory. Don't make the mistake of thinking they're just ornamental, though–Los Muertos run a major auto theft ring, and they keep the most powerful cars for themselves. Some of Pacific City's most notorious street racers are members of the gang, and one of them is car guru Rafael Diaz.

This blue street racer can be spotted in Diaz's personal enclave—a sand-floored arena designed to showcase his cars and his fantastic driving skills. The car features a rear spoiler for added downforce, giving it traction where most other vehicles would just be spinning their wheels. A front ram-scoop forces air directly into the engine, giving this baby more power than you might think.

Even though it sports a Los Muertos paint job, it's still a sweet ride and a worthy alternative to the Agency supercar if you need to commandeer transportation in the field. Get some speed and you'll find this street racer takes corners in Tokyo style, and with modifications supervised by Rafael Diaz himself, it eats up the road like nobody's business. This Los Muertos tuner is found at many places the night club and the dome. This vehicle has great looks and good handling but when driving full speed, curving doesn't turn that well on high speeds. It is designed as a Subaru Impreza. Strangely, it is referred as a hatchback instead of a coupe but in Crackdown 2 it is renamed Coupe.


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