Mrs. Timbol is the H.R. Director for the Shai-Gen Corporation. She is located at Human Reality Incorporated


Mrs. Timbol

Mrs. Timbol

Mrs. Timbol's primary role is ruling Shai Gen's Human Resources department, supervising the training of new recruits for the corporation's radical Security Force.

Her intense indoctrination program is ruthlessly efficient. Those who fail provide target practice for those who succeed.

Mrs. Timbol is the Devil made flesh. This... woman has no heart or soul but revels in stealing both via Shai-Gen's Acquisitions department: a covert group that kidnaps innocent civilians for use in sadistic training exercises and research.

After DeathEdit

Mrs. Timbol's demise has killed Shai-Gen's prolific training and abduction programs. The effects are spreading fast. New recruits are less effective and the Corridor is now safer for civilians at nighttime.


  • Mrs. Timbol will be talking in her loud speaker about Shai-Gen rules and regulations enforced by the Shai-Gen soldiers.
  • If you are to spawn next to here repeatedly she will disappear for a certain amount of time.
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