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The Cell Muscle car is a vehicle in Crackdown 2. It has relatively good armor and peformance but suffers at speed due to the unstable handling.

Location: Outside Funland driving down the street at night.

Cell Muscle Car.jpg


Like all Cell vehicles the Muscle car looks weathered and has makeshift armor. It has what appears to be a supercharger sticking out of the hood and has 4 exausts on either side which are swept up. On the rear of the car there are what appear to be fuel or water tanks.


The muscle car has a good top speed [206 mph] and acceleration however it can become difficult to turn at high speeds. Unlike other similar vehicles the muscle car doesn't stick to the road and can be easily flipped at high speeds. The armor is better then all the civillian vehicles and some of the smaller Cell vehicles.


  • The muscle car is based of one of the muscle cars used by Los Muertos gang members from Crackdown.
  • The car bares a resemblence to the 1973 Dodge Charger, but with some elements of the Ford Falcon from Mad Max: The Road Warrior and Fury Road, as both have visible supercharger blowers, rear fuel tanks, and swept up exhausts on the side.
    Model of the Ford Falcon from Mad Max..jpg