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The Pacific City Archives splashscreen

The Pacific City Archives are a series of short animated films that detail in-depth the situation of Pacific City in Crackdown 2 from the Agency's point of view. The archives give the viewer some info about the 10 years in between Crackdown and Crackdown 2.

Episode 1 "Home Truths"[]


Crackdown 2 The Pacific City Archives - Episode 1

"Home Truths" introduces players to the new Pacific City and reveals a new mysterious character called Catalina Thorne.

Episode 2 "Evil Seed"[]

thumb|300px|right|Episode 2: "Evil Seed" "Evil Seed" gives players more information about Catalina Thorne and how her actions weakened the Agency and introduced the Freak virus to the city.

Episode 3 "The Virus: What We Know"[]

thumb|300px|right|Episode 3: "The Virus: What We Know" "The Virus: What We Know" explains the effects of the Freak virus on humans. The video also details the characteristics and weaknesses of the Freaks.

Episode 4 "The Cell: A New Threat to Peace"[]

thumb|300px|right|Episode 4: "The Cell" "The Cell: A New Threat to Peace" follows Catalina Thorne's efforts to bring down the Agency by creating the Cell terrorist group.

Episode 5 "Sunburst: A New Dawn"[]

thumb|300px|right|Episode 5: "Sunburst: A New Dawn" "Sunburst: A New Dawn" Before Sunburst, the Agency had to deal with freaks, the details on the Agency's creation of Project Sunburst to combat the freak infestation, and Sunburst's subsequent sabotage by Catalina Thorne's Cell terrorists.