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The Pacific City Archives are a series of short animated films that detail in-depth the situation of Pacific City in Crackdown 2 from the agencys point of view. The archives give the viewer some info about the 10 years in between Crackdown and Crackdown 2.

Episode 1 "Home Truths"Edit

thumb|300px|right "Home Truths" introduces players to the new Pacific City and reveals a new mysterious character called Catalina Thorne.

Episode 2 "Evil Seed"Edit

thumb|300px|right|Episode 2: "Evil Seed" "Evil Seed" gives players more information about Catalina Thorne and how her actions weakened the Agency and introduced the Freak virus to the city.

Episode 3 "The Virus: What We Know"Edit

thumb|300px|right|Episode 3: "The Virus: What We Know" "The Virus: What We Know" explains the effects of the Freak virus on humans. The video also details the characteristics and weaknesses of the Freaks.

Episode 4 "The Cell: A New Threat to Peace"Edit

thumb|300px|right|Episode 4: "The Cell" "The Cell: A New Threat to Peace" follows Catalina Thorne's efforts to bring down the Agency by creating the Cell terrorist group.

Episode 5 "Sunburst: A New Dawn"Edit

thumb|300px|right|Episode 5: "Sunburst: A New Dawn" "Sunburst: A New Dawn" details the Agency's creation of Project Sunburst to combat the freak infestation, and Sunburst's subsequent sabotage by Catalina Thorne's Cell terrorists.