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The Pickup is a civilian pickup truck featured in Crackdown.


The Pickup is a slow 4WD vehicle. It has poor acceleration, taking a very long time to get to its low top speed of barely 100 mph on a flat street. It is however, a fairly good off-road vehicle, having good grip, high ground clearance, and decent sliding control. It does suffer from under steering and low acceleration, although the latter is not an issue while off-roading, due to speed not being a requirement. Its massive tires present an issue if even one tire is blown out. It will be practically immobile or controllable if this happens. It has a gang variant known as Slammed Pickup used by Los Muertos


  • The pickup can be found throughout most of Pacific City, mostly Green Bay.
  • They are also placed at specific spots on the roads in the off-road region of green bay alongside an SUV.
  • Garcia Point.
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