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Pounders are a large and fast freaks that appear when the agent reaches level 4 or 5 strength. Pounders appear when a large number of Ramblers (normal freaks) have been killed. The exact number is randomly chosen but is normally between 30-60. When the Director says "Your actions are stirring up a freak shitstorm agent!" or "There's a spike in freak activity in your area" he is hinting of the approach of more powerful freaks such as the pounder. Pounders often roar before they appear giving the Agent some warning. Pounders are the 3rd strongest crackdown freak.


A pounder is almost 3 times the height and width of a Rambler and have different colouration. Their skin is a dark grey/brown and has various growths puncturing out of it. It doesn't have a neck or nose and its mouth (which appears toothless) takes up half of its face. Its eyes are yellow and very small. It has 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand and the normal amount of toes which are fused together they come in either Small, or Big Height.

Height: 6 ft (Smallest), 14ft (Largest)

Weight: 1000 lbs (Smallest), 9000 lbs (Largest)


Pounders can take a lot more damage than ordinary freaks and often charge so can be hard to hit. They are normally slow because of their large size but will charge to attack and can reach speeds of 40MPH. Lacking claws or teeth, the pounder uses its size and brute force to kill and will attack by ether charging, throwing objects into an enemy or pounding them with its fists,(this can cause the player to be sent flying or knocked to the ground).


Pounders are easy to detect because of their large size and the roar they do before attacking. Try not to get close to a pounder as their pound attack can knock you to the floor where other freaks can overrun you. Instead focus on them at a distance using explosives if you can or the UV shotgun (which will knock them backwards, even on a charge). They will throw objects at you when you are out of reach but these do little damage and are easily dodged. Watch out for their charge as this can do lots of damage. The small ones have strong strength and they chase after you and swat you with their meaty hands. The medium ones are stronger and when they punch the ground, they create a shockwave, similar to a Ground Pound. The large ones are so strong that they would pick up massive objects to throw at you. But they would still chase you and beat you up.


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