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The Ramp truck is a civilian vehicle that is found in Pacific City in Crackdown and Crackdown 2.


The Ramp truck is, obviously, a truck with a ramp on the back. It is slow (128 speed), weak, and almost entirely useless. Its only utility can be use to reach Vehicle Stunt Rings or perform big jumps. It lacks any form of armament, being a civilian vehicle. It is quite rare, being found in a few places across Pacific City. Due to its rarity, and the fact that it is almost useless, many players store it at a Landing zone only for the fact of having one. It is based on the GMC TopKIck/Ford F-150 truck. The Ramp truck also would have no clear use in the real world except to transport 1 very small car on top or maybe, just maybe provide ramps to places inaccesible to broken roads, which is quite common in Pacific City.