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A reaper is a freak encountered in Crackdown 2. It will appear in Pacific City at night once the Agent reaches level 2 Strength. Reapers are the first specialized Freaks encountered that are notable for being the most agile.

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The Reaper is taller and more muscular than the average Freak. It's head has little in the way of a neck and is sunken into it's overly muscular shoulders while its hands have become claw like and bony spines pert rude from its arms and back. A Reaper can be identified by the howl it makes before leaping into combat.

Height: 6 ft (Smallest), 10ft (Largest)

Weight: 250 lbs (Smallest), 900 lbs (Largest)


The Reaper is the most agile of the Freaks with a fast running speed and powerful jump, with an agility level similar to a level 2 or 3 agent. It is very mobile and can pursue a Agent onto a rooftop or leap into a fight from a far so be prepared to be attacked from any angle and remember that the roofs are no longer safe as they were from regular Freaks. It is best to keep on the move when facing Reapers to avoid being swarmed by other Freaks.

While tougher than normal Freaks and despite their fearsome appearance Reapers aren't a match for an Agent in close combat. One on one you should be able to deal with a Reaper even at a low strength level although they have a knock back affect with their melee attacks. Reapers are one of the few Freaks with a ranged attack and can sling acid at Agents. While the acid poses little of a direct threat it can hamper health regeneration and pose a danger to an already injured agent. It is important to remember that the acid can linger a while after being thrown. Like all Freaks Reapers are vulnerable to UV weaponry.

There are 3 types of acids they can throw:

Low-damage green acid

Medium-Damage yellow acid

High-Damage red acid

Damage-over-time green acid


Hope Springs[]

Green Bay[]

Unity Heights[]


Reaper: Yellow-Green acid ooze, Higher health, Throw low-damage green acid, Medium Height.

Small Reaper: Yellow-Orange acid ooze, High health, Throw medium-damage yellow acid, Small Height.

Big Reaper: Dark red acid ooze, Highest health (comparison to reapers), Throw high-damage red acid, Big Height.