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Reaper Agents are the second most powerful Freak form. These Freaks are actually former Agent clones that have been infected with the Freak virus. Naturally, they possess the powers and abilities of a standard Agent, and are a significant threat to the player. They can attack by throwing acid, and have enhanced strength and can tolerate exposure to daylight.


Reaper Agents appear only in Crackdown 2's final mission at Agency Tower. The Agency Director explains that all of the Agents from 10 years ago did not actually die from the Freak virus inflicted on them by Catalina Thorne, but were irreversibly mutated and kept in the Agency Tower's Holding Pens building for study. They break out during the final mission and attempt to stop initiation of Project Sunburst's final phase. Reaper Agents are mutated behemoths, combining many different aspects of previous Freaks. They have the bulk and skin colouration of Pounders, the bony growths of Reapers, and the glowing acid sacks of Slingers. They are clothed in the tattered remains of their Agent uniforms, visible around their torsos, and legs.

Also if you ever go close to the Holding Pens buildings the director will say not to worry about "the growling underground" and that "it has nothing to do with you."


Reaper Agents are comparable to the Pounder Freaks in strength and size, but also have a powerful jump and can easily swarm an unobservant player. They are still weak to UV-based weaponry, but are not as resilient as Goliaths. At Tough difficulty, an Agent with level 5 strength can kill a Reaper Agent with two melee attacks. However, because there are a large amount of Reaper Agents to fight in the final mission, explosive weapons are recommended, especially the Homing Launcher. The smaller orange ones chase and kill you and the peacekeepers. The Big red ones Try to attack the agency beacon.

After the final Mission they will disappear unless you reactivate the Mission again they can be spawned in Keys to the City


  • Agency Tower