A Renegade Orb is an Orb in Crackdown 2. There are two types or Renegade Orbs: Driving and Agility. The difference between a regular orb and a renegade are that renegade orbs run away from you. There are multiple types of Renegade Agility Orbs (ranging from level 1 - 5), it looks different depending on the level of agility recommended for it. This also counts for the Renegade Driving Orbs  only then it is the car recommended, the Agency Director will also mention which car you should use. There are thirty Renegade Agility Orbs and fifteen Renegade Driving Orbs. Collecting all of either orb type will get you an achievement.

Renegade agility orbs:

There are slow moving renegade agility orbs that are just a circle.

There are the faster ones that have 2 revolving triangles.

There are even faster ones that have 3 revolving triangles.

And there are extremely fast ones with 6 revolving triangles and take level 5 agility.

Renegade Driving orbs:

There are slower circle renegade orbs that are easily caught.

There are fast ones with 2 triangles and a cruiser may not be fast enough.

The 3 triangle ones usually take SUVs because they can constantly change height.

There are 6 triangle ones that are super fast and take supercars as a requirement