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Screamers (Also called Voles) are a type of Freak in Crackdown 2. They derive their name from the sound they make before rushing into battle. They differ from typical Freak units in that they are suicide units: They will rush up to the player and explode into a cloud of acid, who's lethality depends on the color of the acid sac in question. Screamers are distinguished by their lack of arms and by the large sac sticking out from their left shoulder. An easy tactic for dealing with them is to maintain distance and hit them with a couple rounds from any gun, as they lack health. If they do manage to get close enough to detonate their acid sacs, the player should vacate the area, as the acid will linger and hurt the player further as they move around in it. In the DLC pack Keys to the City they are named Voles in the spawning menu.


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