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The Shrapnel Grenade is similar to the regular Grenade but releases bits of shrapnel once detonated, hence the name.


The Los Muertos can be found using this instead of the Grenade.

Crackdown 2Edit

Shrapnel Grenade

The Shrapnel Grenade in Crackdown 2 in the select menu.

The Shrapnel Grenade in Crackdown 2 is found on Cell snipers and grenadiers. It is a very deceptively simple looking yet powerful grenade that has a medium sized initial explosion followed by a large secondary explosion. Also a glitch will happen that when the player throws too many of these they won't show it exploding but it still can be heard and hurt the player or kill it.

Note: They are very useful with the Goliaths while they charge at the beacons. Two of these can kill a Goliath, so, bring these grenades with you at Freak lairs.