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Slingers are a type of Freak in Crackdown 2. They sling acid at you from afar, as their name suggests. Slingers do not have very high defence and are easily dispatched with any weapon, melee is often a good tactic as it gets you out of their effective range. Slingers are just like Ramblers, pale yellow, and have twisted and mutated flesh hanging off their skeletons but have three fingered hands (including the thumb) along with a large glowing acid gland on their back as well, making them hard to spot in a crowd. Slingers are most commonly found in freak lairs when the beacons are deployed.


  • If the Agent waits for a while at Night at the Agency Tower Slingers sometimes spawn in the Cages but they won't attack or sling Acid.


Agency Tower[]

  • Cages

Hope Springs[]

Green Bay[]

Unity Heights[]

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