Strength is a skill that involves your basic physical abilities, such as melee attacks and the ability to lift heavy objects. Strength is arguably the easiest skill to level up because most criminal leaders can be felled with a few quick stomps and kicks. You can get more strength by collecting the Hidden Orb's scattered around Pacific City. When you have full experience in the strength component of this game you can hold B when in the air to make you fall faster and damage anything around you.


In Crackdown upgrading strength makes you do more damage with melee attacks and allows you lift heavy objects. Once you earn four stars in strength you can use a ground smash attack.

Crackdown 2Edit

Every level you gain in strength lets you use new abilities and pick up bigger objects, and an extra life bar, marked as a circle under your main life bar:

Level 1: Pick up and swing objects.

Level 2: Pick up and swing heavier objects and an extra life bar.

Level 3: Detach mounted turrets, pick up heavier objects and an extra life bar.

Level 4: Ability to "Barge", pick up even heavier objects and an extra life bar. Charge attacks are powerful enough to send vehicles, large freaks and tanks flying as the Agent hits them.

Level 5: Ability to do a air-to-ground "Ground Pound" in which you hit the ground with so much force you kill certain things around you and you can now pick up extremely heavy object, (e.g. cars and most heavier vehicles) and an extra life bar.

(Killing 5 enemies with one "Ground Pound" gets you the achievement "Pile Driver").

Easy Skill Gain MethodsEdit

  • Strength Level 1-3: Wait for night to come. You can just keep meleeing any freak that come near you.
  • Strength Level 4: At night, use your Charge attack on large groups of Freaks.