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The Tank (Agency Armored Vehicle in Crackdown) is an Agency armored vehicle in Crackdown 2.

Arguably the most resilient mode of transportation, it's thick armor and powerful tri-barrel cannon makes it a formidable asset in the hands of an Agent.



The Agency Armored Vehicle (AAV) was released as Downloadable Content in the "Getting Busy Bonus Pack" for Crackdown.

The AAV is essentially a tank, with exceptional armor that shrugs off most convinental gunfire and can withstand several high powered explosives from a fully developed agent.   

Its large size however makes it hard to navigate the city, without hitting civilians and other vehicles. For a vehicle of its size, the AAV has incredible performance at around 130 mph.  

Armed with a triple barreled missile launcher, the cannon lobs missiles similar to the MSK Lobber, the rockets travel to the crosshair rather than being locked onto a target.  

Crackdown 2[]

The Tank is unlocked at Level 5 Driving skill and is quite capable of becoming a dependable assault platform when dealing with heavily fortified position. It has a high health pool and with a negible top speed and manuverability, being able to shrug off most small-arms fire.

Armed with a tri-shot cannon, the Tank can unload impressive amounts of firepower, clearing out packs of infantry and dispatching armored cars with little effort; Although the more hardened buses and trucks can take more than one barrage before exploding however.

It can only seat one driver, whom operates the main gun.

The Tank can also appear, driven by Peacekeepers, but their presence are often tied to attack rogue agents.


  • Despite being named the Tank in Crackdown 2, it would be considered more of an Armored Car or Truck, given to its 4 x 4 wheeled design.
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