Thadeous Oakley

Thadeous Oakley

Thadeous Oakley is the press release director of the Shai-Gen Corporation. He is located at the Exhibition Center.

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"Thadeous Oakley is dedicated to 'The message': the corporate lines that captured the hearts and minds of a nation.

His management of Shai-Gen's extensive and effective public relations campaign is exemplary. He single-handedly made the company universally irresistible and encouraged an unprecedented influx of new talent.

Oakley uses his own highly addicitve subliminal branding techniques, and the methods are too sophisticated to be understood by anyone else. Clearly Shai-Gen's reputation hinges on Oakley's existence."


Thadeous Oakley has taken an early retirement - that's the official line from the Corporation. Of course, we know the reality... We also know that the public faith in The Message is failing and Shai-Gen's recruitment rate is already falling fast.

Account closed.

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