The Volk (Russian for Wolf) is one of the three major gangs of Pacific City in Crackdown and most likely the second for the Player to encounter. They can be compared to that of a military rule; in fact, in-game they can sometimes be seen shooting Civilians, although all gangs can fire on Civilians, not including the Peacekeepers as they are law enforcement. This can be seen while your Agent is lying dead on the ground waiting to respawn.


Introduction DossierEdit

Tired of relentlessly fighting for poor pay and no recognition, hardened militia from all over Eastern Europe came together to put their skills to more profitable use: organized crime.

Their "Wolves" embrace strict military discipline and are experts in the use of firearms and explosives. They bolster their ranks with skilled illegal immigrants and use the rest as a disposable workforce.

The Volk controls the entire industrial area of Pacific City, locally known as "The Den". The district's most notable trait is thick suppressive smog, appropriate for such an oppressive regime.

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