The Turret machine gun is a very powerful removable turreted weapon. The Agency Helicopter can carry twin turret machine guns. Using the helicopter's turrets from a high altitude can be used to mow down Freak hordes. This method increases both your agility (for killing something from a high altitude) and your Firearms Skill. When Unlocked at Firearms Level 5 and selected from the Weapon Drop menu it comes with 1000 rounds (no extra magazines) and an SMG as a back-up weapon (with 300 rounds) in addition to whatever secondary weapon was selected. Heavily armored Cell tend to wield this weapon and can cut down exposed Peacekeepers, but are slow to track targets and can be easily flanked. Also, when you carry this weapon, you can't use the targeting system, making the weapon very inaccurately, especially at long ranges.

Turret Machine Gun

The Turret Machine Gun in the select menu.



  • The Machine Gun makes appearences as MG weaponary on certian vehicles. The buggy has one on top as well as certian Cell vehicles and Helicopter sports two.
  • The Machine Gun tends to look like a Minigun. although the Intials tend to be MG for Machine Gun or Mini Gun
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