The UV Shotgun is an ultraviolet light based weapon in Crackdown 2 capable of throwing vehicles and humans alike.

UV Shotgun

The UV Shotgun in the select menu.

This weapon is also extremely effective against Freaks because of the weapon's design and thus can be used to destroy numerous freaks in a single blast.


The UV Shotgun's powerful blast allows it to destroy any freak, short of a Goliath, with just a couple blasts along with the mighty knockback that could potentially knock tougher freaks into other objects, or more frankly, into the sea.

The weapon also works against non-freaks, although they are naturally immune to UV Radiation so it only hurts them by tossing them into the air; They too can burst into flames as a result but that only does minor damage as well but it can be very useful for herding Cell into managable, spots to be finished off by other means.

In Rocket Tag, one of the three multiplayer modes, the player with the orb loses his/her Rocket Launcher and has to use a UV Shotgun.

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