"Those Peacekeepers need assistance, agent!"
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Vladimir "The Wolf" Golyak is a character in Crackdown. He is the Kingpin of the Volk and is located on an abandoned oil rig. His Hideout is guarded by hundreds of Volk guards and getting in to him is extremely hard. He has a clean goatee and a fluffy coat. Thanks to his connections off the island he was able to build his own militia that has been able to terrorize people for years in pacific city.he wanted the alliance between his forces and Los Muertos but with the death of one of there leaders that alliance will cease to a hault and they will turn on each other.

Killing him

Killing him is almost as hard as the shai-gen leader. The obvious way is to balance on a pipe until you go through three parts of an oil rig but death is very, very proabable. If you are not like that then swin around to the last part and there is a window to get through but there is also lots of guards. If you kill all the guards then you can hop to the top and then face the leader, we reccomend the second one.