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A variety of weapons are available in Crackdown and Crackdown 2 and are used by most factions in Pacific City in the conflicts between the Agency and its enemies.

Complete Table of Weapons & Equipment[]

Crackdown Crackdown 2
  • None available
Assault Rifles
Machine Guns
Sniper Rifles

Crackdown 2 Cut Weapons[]

Some weapons were not available in the final game.[]

  • Agency DEW-A4 - Originally, Crackdown 2 was intended to have multiple UV firearms instead of just the UV Shotgun. The DEW-A4 was an assault rifle-like UV weapon with a longer range. It could hold 25 rounds at once, had a faster fire rate, and heavy splash damage.[1]

Concept art for the Agency DEW-A4

  • Agency DEW-A5 - The Agency DEW-A5 resembled a sniper rifle and had an equivalent range, and was the "pinnacle of the Agency's directed energy weapon technology." It could hold 25 rounds at once, had a fast fire rate, and heavy splash damage.[2]

Concept art for Agency DEW-A5

  • Agency AT-PL - The AT-PL was a turret directed energy weapon. Unlike the other energy weapons, the AT-PL would have fired a rapid stream of smaller rounds that did not create splash damage. It had a capacity of at least 200 rounds.[3]
  • Concept art for the Agency AT-PL

  • Agency AT-UV 40 - A larger energy weapon, the AT-UV was similar in function to the UV Shotgun. It had UV Shotgun's short range, but when fired it would have projected a much more powerful UV light. Because the AT-UV is listed as having no ammo capacity, fire rate, or recoil, it may have worked like a portable spotlight.[4]

    Concept art for the Agency AT-UV 40